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I'm taking a break from EMS for a while (not by choice; nobody in this city is hiring) and doing my internship for a police department. Even though I've only been doing this for five weeks, I've already seen a dozen prostitutes, none of which I would give my hard earned money to. I've also got a couple of good stories.

So the end of my first week on the night shift, it's dead all night. Then, at about 6 in the morning, we see this car in front of us stop at a green light. Strange, but the city's full of nutballs. Then, he peels out and starts flying down the road. He's easily doing 75 in a 40, even though we were behind him. We catch up to him, and as soon as we do, he hits a snow bank and nearly flips. The officer lights him up, and the car stops in the middle of a busy intersection. The driver then proceeds to hop in the backseat.


When the officer starts talking to him, he denies drving. He also denies drinking.

The paperwork kept us there for an extra hour that night.
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