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OD in a con home.........

The other day we ran an interesting call at a con home. We get dispatched Code 2 to a con home in a not so nice part of LA. (The not so nice part of LA is 90% of the city limits) Anyway, we are to take the patient to an urgent care facility. The c/c was drug abuse evaluation. We respond and get to the facility. The facility greets us at the door and tells us that they caught him with a hypodermic needle and now the pt is kinda altered and acting wierd. I go in to assess the pt and am surprised at what i see. Normally con homes do not surprise me with the kind of calls they give us, but this one did. The pt is non responsive with a BP of 62/40. His pupils are pinpoint and his resps are down to about 8 with an O2 sat of 80%. Got to use an OP for the first time in the last 6 months. If it were not for the fact this patient was about 80 years old, i woulda thought this was a typical heroin OD. We call for ALS. The medics start a line, and give him some narcan. THey must have pushed it quickly because the pt instantly, snaps out of it and becomes alert. I was shocked. A heroin OD in a con home. That was a new one for me. I was wondering has anyone run a call similar to that, or a call that was completely unexpected for a care facility. I guess thats what makes EMS great, you never know what you are gonna see next!
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