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Who is in charge of great stories? [June 17, 2008 @ 2:41am]

I've always wondered how great stories come to be. I've meditated on this a lot, actually. And I think I have a pretty good idea. You can't craft a great story unless you, yourself are great. You can try and try to write all you want, but it won't help you. Sure, you can learn grammar, but if you weren't born with the special sauce, you are no one.

And let me tell you, internet, I was born with the special sauce! And I thought I found a few like minded people at youcantwrite. Let me give you a little history. They are this shitty little community on the internet who thinks they, too, were born with the special sauce. But let me be the first to tell you, they are nothing more than watered down ketchup!

I put my writing journal up for review and they tried to tell me they couldn't smell the sauce! These little elitist crappers! Where do they get off being elitists when smell like burnt toast? I am a greater writer than all of them combined into one shitty anthology!

O, I can craft a story!
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Medic One Hijinx [May 19, 2005 @ 9:41pm]

[ mood | amused ]

So there I am, not half an hour ago, walking south down Broadway in Seattle with a couple of (non-EMS) friends. We hear the wailing of a siren, and soon enough a SFD/Medic One unit comes down the street, northwards. This is an actual medic unit with a pair of Seattle's finest highly-trained very-exclusive three-years-of-experience-to-apply only-our-own-training-is-good-enough we-can-do-a-field-pericardiocentesis paramedics aboard, the very creme de la creme of what some call the best EMS system in the country.

They pass us, shut off their siren, and turn right into the blocks east of Broadway. We continue walking south.

Maybe ninety seconds later, the same medic unit comes back out of the blocks and turns back onto Broadway, going south. A moment after that they turn right again, now west of Broadway.

We continue walking.

A few moments later they come out of the blocks again, go south on Broadway, and finally end up turning left to end up east of Broadway.

Twenty minutes later we walked past them and the aid unit, a couple blocks east of Broadway, probably ten or fifteen blocks south of where they'd originally been.

Now, I know everyone screws up mapping, and addresses are bad, and dispatchers mess up too. I'm not placing blame, I'm just saying ... it was funny.

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[March 29, 2005 @ 9:04pm]

Can anything happen with this??

Let me first set up the senario, my partner is a part of the e board on my squad, the head of the perdiems (captian if u will)
during a meeting he requested a pain vacation, which my partner disagreed to, becaue he isn't full time and should not be spending the money on his vacation, it is a volunteer squad as is we spend 140,000 a year on perdiems.... since they cory has had a heart out for my partner

My partner and I do the overnight every Monday- the per diem captian now comes in every Tuesday so he can report to the captain anything that is wrong with the rigs and blame it on domanic, just because he is bitter, dumb shit like the streacher wasn't made they way he likes it so on and so fourth

Since than about 2 months ago we make sure everything is perfect when we leave in the morning

now the problem.....

When we left this morning we checked the main o2 and the jump bag o2,my cadet chaged the jump bag o2 so it was full at 2000 psi. The main o2 was at 600, we change it at 500 so we left it, and we left at 8am this morning

5pm this afternoon there was a call man down/cop down an officer was shot in the face and in bad condition, the per-diem captain took ems-1 the rig my partner and and I had until 8am this morning to the scene.

Problem being he claims the o2 was completely empty, there were no non rebreathers in the jump bag, and the portable was low causing him to be frantic looking all over looking for supplies......

I get a call from my lutinent- telling me this is going to be a big issuse, that the per-diem captain told the pd that it was our fault there was no o2 and that we could be liable for anything that happens as a result of the equiptment being astray.

However, when I left this morning everything was in order and the rig was left complete. We dont keep logs, and we dont have paper work for rig checks,but now i am going to make sure to make someone up to put everything down. Other then the word of me my partner and my thrid there is no other proof of the rig condition.My partner and I along with my 3rd all replied the same answer when asekd about last night all replied with the same answers, not knowing the other had been spoken to about the situation, because that is what happened.

The officer is in stable condition as of now and it has been said he will live.

However, we are being blamed for the rig being incomplete when it wasn't.

what can happen with this?
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[March 16, 2005 @ 5:03am]

[ mood | amused ]

So here's one of the many stories that I've heard on the internship:

BACKGROUND: 1)The city I'm in is, for all intents and purposes, split in two: West and East, with the river being the divider. As such, there are three sargeants on duty per shift: West, East, and overall.
2) The police department has a pursuit policy that basically says the sargeant is supposed to disregard a chase if a) the license plate of the vehicle is known and b) the suspect becomes too reckless and puts the lives of innocent civilians at risk.

So one night, there is a car chase that is the result of a serious crime. This pursuit occurs on the West side, and goes on for a few minutes. The suspect begins to become reckless, but the West side sargeant does not call it off, because the car is stolen and the initial offense is something serious (I want to say murder, but I'm not certain). When no one disregards the chase, The East side sargeant crosses over the river and says, "Disregard, shut er down!"

The West side sargeant gets on the radio, and with his deep voice, very slowly says, "I want that car."

The chase went on.

When the sargeants met, the East side sargeant got a severe ass chewing for crossing over and telling the West side what to do.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Don't fuck with someone else's car chase.

PS B Voight I finally found Ted Getty's office. Now I just have to find Ted Getty.

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The True Definition of Bravery... [March 07, 2005 @ 11:49pm]

Definition of Bravery: True bravery is arriving home, stinking drunk
after a very late night out with the boys, being met at the door and
assaulted with a broom by your wife . . . and still having the balls
to ask:"Are you cleaning, or were you flying somewhere?

what to do? [February 24, 2005 @ 9:20pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Not really sure what to do, if anything, I disagreed with my crew chief and so did the other EMT with me. I am new she has been there for 5 years and he has been there for 20+ and is an instructor to boot.

Arrive on scene to find an 86 years old man alert but not oriented sitting on the couch. Right away you could hear that he was having trouble breathing and you could see the liquid coming out of his mouth. He was incontinent, had a elevated bp and pulse and respitory rate. It sounded like he was gargling on his own spit, so my first thought is possibly suction and oxygen. He was a diabetic, so my crew chief right away says we need glucose in him, I said I don’t think he is alert enough to take glucose, he can’t even talk, I don’t think he can swallow. He says lay take his feet and lay him on the floor, I said to him he shouldn’t be laying on the floor, he is already having difficulty breathing, but he proceeds to take him off the couch and lay him on the floor, even more so now you could hear him, it sounded like he was choking on his own spit, So my crew chief says give him glucose I refused, he couldn’t’ swallow he need oxygen and he needed to get out of the house into the rig for the medics and he needed not to be laying supine. So I get oxygen ready and the women that was talking to the family , the other emt says to this man he can’t swallow why are you giving him glucose, he says look I know what I am doing he can swallow look he is swallowing now, this man was holding his head just pushing all the glucose in his mouth and the pt was just gargling and most of it was coming up out of his mouth, the cc just continued to give it and wipe his mouth, I said can you sit him up, he needs to sit up, after a while he finally says fine and sits him up, the other emt by now says the same thing. I leave, he asks for the stair chair, I said should we be using the stair chair he can’t stand or talk, or even keep his head up shouldn’t we use the reeves, he says get the stair chair he is fine. So I go out and this other emt is now helping with pt care, he asks her for yet another tube of glucose, she says he can’t swallow I am not giving it, if you want to give it to him you get it out of the bag yourself. He put 3 tubes of glucose in this mans mouth and all if it basically just came out of his mouth. The medics come b4 we get him out of the house, and as what’s going on, he says he is a diabetic and I gave 3 tubes of glucose.. they say well can he swallow he says yes and my other partner says No but he gave them to him anyway, they start assessing and say he needs to finish getting him out. They take his sugar it was around 33 or something in the low 30’s and immediately start an iv to give him glycogen s or whatever it is called, eventually the man starts to wake up. However, the call went horribly, after the call I went up to him and told him my thoughts on how the pt couldn’t’ swallow and should not have been supine while getting glucose, n should not receive glucose because of all the indications weren’t met. He say to me, he was fine, didn’t you see an improvement, I said no, I didn’t , not until the medics did what they had to. I spoke to the other emt that was with us she has the same thoughts, and hates riding with this one cc because he does things like this. I tried to do what I thought was right for the pt but I just got shot down and I am not a cc, he wouldn’t listen to either of us. I don’t know, but it just didn’t’ seem right. I hate being in that position, and I don’t know what to do about it, he is older, he has been there longer, he teaches it, but he wasn’t right on that call. How do you deal with situations like this?

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[February 21, 2005 @ 2:54am]

[ mood | Tired ]

I'm taking a break from EMS for a while (not by choice; nobody in this city is hiring) and doing my internship for a police department. Even though I've only been doing this for five weeks, I've already seen a dozen prostitutes, none of which I would give my hard earned money to. I've also got a couple of good stories.

So the end of my first week on the night shift, it's dead all night. Then, at about 6 in the morning, we see this car in front of us stop at a green light. Strange, but the city's full of nutballs. Then, he peels out and starts flying down the road. He's easily doing 75 in a 40, even though we were behind him. We catch up to him, and as soon as we do, he hits a snow bank and nearly flips. The officer lights him up, and the car stops in the middle of a busy intersection. The driver then proceeds to hop in the backseat.


When the officer starts talking to him, he denies drving. He also denies drinking.

The paperwork kept us there for an extra hour that night.

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Something isn't right with this pictuere [February 20, 2005 @ 3:05pm]

12am dispatched 37 year old m not unresponsive, not breathing
arrive on scene ask a few people what was going on where the pt was they say nothing other the downstairs, get downstairs and see the man laying supine arm against a poll, my partner n my cadet still walking downstairs, I check for pulse 0 respirations 0 cold as ice pt had lavidity -obviously dead- my partner comes I just shook my head and pointed to the lavidity lines trying not to say anything out loud 2 soon, he is the crew chief not me. But a family member comes down, we hook up the AED no shock obviously and my crew chief decides that we should do CPR ( understandable because the family was standing there, it was just to make it easier on them so they know something was done, and my cadet needed the practice) However his jaw was already set it, rigor mortis, we had the one of the 5 police officers downstairs remove the family from the room, medics came we looked for track marks, nothing, no signs of anything.

Here comes the fishy part

This 37 year old wasn't alone in the basement, he was with a family member listening to music, this man around the same age sees lets just say john for sake of the story fall, and does nothing so an "hour" after john falls this man finally realizes there is a problem and OMG John isn't breathing and they call 911. ODD, when we got there they were all very calm, also odd, and when they were told the news that this man John had died, the women his aunt or some type of family member cried for all of a 2 minutes and stopped and they other 2 males in the house didn't even flinch, again ODD, so he is dead, ice cold, rigor mortis has set in as well as lavidity lines, and its only been an hour, ok maybe i can believe some of that...... but the cops didn't, so we got to stay and wait till they all left and then a police officer took down all our badge numbers and asked our opinion on what happened. My crew chief said you can't take our word on his time of death or how long he has been dead, we are not medical examiners or doctors we don’t know why he died or exactly how long he as been dead, than the cop tells us how odd it is the family doesn’t' even seem to care, and that this man would wait an hour to call 911, I guess he just likes sitting in the basement with a dead family member, because we all know the dead listen to music
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Technical Rescue in the Wilderness! [November 26, 2004 @ 2:34pm]

LONG storyCollapse )
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[November 15, 2004 @ 5:10pm]

I got my fire cherry popped this morning. I woke up to someone telling me there was a fire with smoke showing.. At first i didnt believe him, then all the pagers started going off.. So I ran over to the firehouse, donned my gear and hopped on the Squirt. Which is 181's ariel water flow device. We Pull up to the scene and there is smoke pouring out of one of the bed room windows. I pack up. Ed, one of the police on location, bust open the door with a sledge hammer. Chad, the chief from 191 runs in with the hose line by himself. The other guy was still putting on his gear, so i grabbed the hoseline and followed it back to the other guy. We go down the hall way, and we see lights on in different bedrooms, then we get to the backroom and bust in the door, Smoke and Flames pour out over our heads. We hit the fire along the roof with an indirect attack and knock it out in under 5 minutes. then i ventalated through a window by spraying the water out. Fort Dix cut a hole in the roof to vent the smoke also and to check for extension. Finally we got the fire corned and find out that thats where the fire was started. I was kneeling doing the venting thing and i felt alot of heat behind me and under my knees, so i stood up and squirted the ground. then someone told me that i had fire burning behind me on a the bed, so i turned and quickly doused it. That was all.. I backed out for the secondary crew to come in and search for more fire. The fire marshall came in, did his investigation and found out that the fire was set in the corner of the back room. Finally the kid that lived there, confessed that he started it.

Man I felt great. Although nervous, The Adreniline was pumping throughout my body and I actually went in. Cant wait till the next one! ( I'm not wishing harm on anyone)
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[September 24, 2004 @ 2:21pm]

(Cross-posted to the_bravest)

From reifftonfire.com

September 23 - At 15:05 hours the Reiffton Fire Company (Company 2) and Stonersville (Company 3) were dispatched to Shelbourne Road in Exeter Township for a reported accident with entrapment. Upon arrival units found a one vehicle accident with a car into a pond. The victim was still trapped in the car upon arrival. The crews had to go into the water and then went into service to remove the roof and also perform a dash roll to free the victim’s legs. Air medical was requested to fly and was landed at Jacksonwald Elementary School. The victim was extricated and transported to the landing zone. Company 2 cleared the call at 17:40 hours. A great job was done by all personnel and entities on the scene to perform this challenging extrication. Thank you to Officer R. McClure of the Exeter Township Police Department for two of the pictures.

What a fun extrication....**rolls eyes**

In The Beginning

In Water
(I'm the one to the left of the cop, with the New Yorker, holding up the board)


As you can see the water wasn't very clean, and neither were we when we were finished, lol...
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Oh and another thing. [September 23, 2004 @ 1:38pm]

Now understand that I am not endorsing either candidate... But here is something to think about. For the entire article see: http://www.livejournal.com/users/mockjovial. That being said..

"Because of the President's military adventurism, our Armed Forces are under enormous pressure. The only place to go for more troops is a draft.

Selective service boards have already been notified that 20-year-olds and medical personnel will be called up first.

President Bush will be forced to decide whether we can continue the current course in Iraq, which will clearly require the reinstatement of the draft."
-Howard Dean

Ahh Crap, well see you in the sand!
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Well, okay [September 23, 2004 @ 10:07am]
It was probably about 4AM, and we get a call dispatched as "Adult Female Unknown." Oh hooray, another unknown.

When something is dispatched as Unknown, it always seems to fall in to two categories. Its either something really weird, and they don't want people to buff it (like, a guy riding his bicycle naked at 2 in the afternoon, which I've had) or something really stupid (like, a yeast infection).

So we arrive at the scene and go inside the house. Inside theres a female, in her mid-20s, sitting on the couch, obviously in tears, holding her head, and rocking back in forth. I'm thinking, "Alright... EDP."

The tech who was running the call asks her whats wrong, and the patient responds, "I was driving with my friends back from a club... and there was this bug... and it flew in my..."

Yeah, she had a bug stuck in her ear.

She walked to the ambulance, got inside, and away we go to the hospital with another dire, life threatening emergency Her mother also came with us (I don't know why she couldn't have driven her daughter, or why her friends didn't drive her in the first place).

We arrive at the hospital and take the patient to triage. We're lowering the stretcher and helping her off, when the triage RN asks us whats wrong with her.

Now most times when its something personal/weird like that, I'll go up to the RN myself and kind of whisper it, as I don't want to embarass the patient and/or make every person in triage suddenly be starring at our patient.

The patient's mother shouts from across triage, "She has a bug in her ear!!!"

I kind of felt bad.
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Oh Happy Day [August 11, 2004 @ 11:36pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

I just recieved the best news ever today. Ricks mission was cancelled. He was activated with Alpha Company (not his company) and he started SRP today, but after being told that he would spend 18 months in Iraq with and Infantry unit...then after destroying any hope for Rick, they finally said that they got an email and the mission was cancelled. he doesnt know why yet, but his 18 month mission with the riskiest group (infantry) is cancelled. yay. im so happy i can dance....................................................................................................okay im done dancing for now. maybe now my stomach will stop hurting and ill stop getting migranes, i think they may be associated with all this iraq stress.yay. did i mention that im soooo happy right now. this is probably the best bday present mora ever got (for those of you who dont know ricks friend jim was in alpha company and also activated, and mora is jims girlfriend) and today is her bday, it feels like its my birthday too. yay. now rick can for sure help me move back to school, and he'll not have to lose all hope of getting a police job....yay. he just finished the pysch test for chicago and apparently did really well on it. so soon i may be dating a chicago police rookie. everyone wish him luck. yay. i love you baby.

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[August 03, 2004 @ 4:00pm]

In Seattle I am straight EMS, but as a volunteer out where I live I know what is going on on the fire scene as well. Sunday night was fucked up. I have never heard anything like it before (and hope not to again). The Phinney fire (first one on Aug. 1) was the worst. Trucks from as many as 20 departments trying to get the water needed to fight the fire from as few as 2 or 3 hydrants. We were hearing status updates on the radio stating, "Engine 8 is in front of the unit on the far northwest corner. House is fully involved, hose is laid but no water..." They were forced to take a straight defensive role, evacuate the neighborhood, and try to keep the fire contained to the four units that had already gone up. All said 12 fire in just two days, most of which were found to be arson. Click on the "Time Line" in the yellow window half way down the right side.

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[July 15, 2004 @ 5:44pm]

back ground... i'm not out there yet, i'm still young... so i'm kindof in training still, i have my first responder certification, i'm working on my EMT-B, i assist in teaching cpr/aed classes, and i am in a venture crew (first aid post through the BSA). a man who i look up to a great deal and who i help with classes has a lot of great stories that taught me a lot... they're short and sweet so here you go.
back ground on george: sheriff deputy, ramsey county water patrol, venture post adviser, lions club chairman, elementary school teacher, retired now but donates his time to teach classes... a really sweet man.

as the water patrol he responded at beaches a lot, obviously. one day he was called to a scene. a boy got trashed with his friends on his 21 birthday and decided to go swimming, the life guards said they couldn't swim at the beach in their clothes so they walked down the shore a little bit and got in, the boy went down under a weed bed and didn't make it out. all the life guards left the beach to get him out, hauled him up, and worked on him for 20 minutes. when the ambulances and sheriffs arrived a doctor was riding in one of the ambulances and pronounced him dead on the scene. so as they were clearing everything out a little kid came up, tugged on george's sleeve and said "mister, is that man supposed to be hunting on this beach?" apperantly, the boy's father came and killed his friends for getting him drunk and one of the life guards for not saving his son's life... it happened so fast because there really wasn't anyone at the beach taking care of buisness so to speak.

another story that he tells a lot... he was called to a park to help a boy who was bike riding with 3 female friends and hurt his leg. when george got there, the kid was bleeding all over and he suspected a compound fracture so he took out his scissors to cut his pant leg. when he went to do so the boy said "please don't cut my pants, my mom will kill me, they're brand new guess jeans!" well he had to stop the bleeding so he cut up the seem so they could be fixed. a few months later he was served with a court order, he was being sued for the price of the pants... when he got to court the judge just said, "son, i'm so sorry you're crippled for life because of this incompetent police officer..." the kid said, "oh no, i'm fine!" and he ran around the court room. the judge just looked as his mom, shook his head and said "get out..." yay for the good samaritan law.

this ones my favorite... george and his partner pull a woman over for speeding...
george: "m'am, i need you to sign this ticket for me, please."
woman: "fu** you!"
(partner walks away)
george: "m'am please cooperate or i'll have to take you in."
(partner comes back)
woman: "fu** you!"
(partner starts checking his calander)
george: "what are you doing?"
partner: "checking my schedule, that's the best offer i've had all week!"
(every one laughs, woman says sorry and signs the ticket)

[June 14, 2004 @ 5:03pm]
[ mood | amused ]

For the past couple of months I've been working with this kid in my medic school. And I never really liked the kid in school, he had never worked BLS, never even seen the inside of an ambulance. But yet he felt that he was smarted than all of us and knew better, actually flipped out and screamed at me one time in class. It was great though because I didn't have to say a word to him, the whole rest of the class jumped on top of him for screaming at me for no good reason. He just kind of flips out and he's annoying and he has this...I don't know what to call it a verbal tick kind of thing. He makes this noise whenever he gets nervous and it's very odd sounding...anyways, that's the background.
So we were on our 23rd hour and it was 2200 and we had spent the day running our asses off and cleaning our truck inside and out, and oh yeah my parents was too good to help me with that...but that's not the point. We take a response for an assault victim. We get there and there's one police officer and our patient standing outside. He looks to be like African American/Hispanic mix male somewhere in his 20s or 30s. But he's fine, he's got some dried blood on his face, not really any obvious injuries, but wants to go to the hospital. So we get him into the back of the truck to figure out what is going on and he tells us that he got hit in the face and consequently hit the back of his head on the wall behind me. No LOC or anything. My partner says he's all set, and I ask, don't you want to board him. He flat out says that he didn't even think about it. No it's not a big deal, but at least in our area, he's definitely someone who should be boarded. So I was annoyed by the fact that I'm still babysitting him and oh yeah the guy has neck pain blah blah blah so we get him boarded and I start driving to the hospital. It's about 2 miles away, very close. My partner gives his entry note to the hospital. All's well, almost time to go home....
I hear my partner talking to the patient explaining that he's going to do a head-to-toe and then suddenly I hear from the back the patient hyperventilating, breathing a million times a minute and basically freakin out, I'm thinking to myself oh great, he's getting upset. I hope I don't offend anyone, but the reason I brought up his race was because in the area I work we have a large hispanic population which has their own category of emotional disorders...everything is over the top. So I don't think much of it, obviously I'm not back there, but I'm not that worried. My partner starts literally flipping out and he screams up to me, Take it on a One! Which is basically drive really fast. Well I already had lights on so whatever...I see him freaking out in the back fumbling around with all kinds of equipment and throwing shit all around. I'm thinking to myself, What the fuck is he doing? I try to ask him what's going on, but he's obviously in his own little world...he finally takes a breath and yells up to me again. Take it on a one! I then see him in the back, we're nearly at the hospital now. And he's gotten out the BVM and set it all up and puts it on the guys face and I hear him screaming. Okay take a breath in when I say so and then let it out. And he's making his verbal tick about every other word and it's just ridiculous. We get to the hospital and I open the doors and he says I just need to put him on some oxygen, I'm not comfortable bringing him in on none. The guy has calmed down some and is crying and hyperventilating...hmm....so I start talking to him and talk him down a little, tell him that he's okay, blah blah blah. My partner is still in flip out mode and is fumbling around and can't get all the oxygen set up, so finally I just say lets go it's fine. He's shocked that I'm okay with the patient not being on oxygen. He's hyperventilating...he's already got enough oxygen in him...But yeah, it was interesting. Anyways so I talked to him afterwards and he said that he was palpating and pressing on the guys chest...how hard I have to wonder. The guy said he had been hit in the chest. Anyways, my partner said that he was afraid that the patient had a flail segment and that when he palpated on his chest he dislodged the flail segment and pushed it into his lung and caused a pneumothorax....yeah, don't go to medic school before being a basic kids....I don't even know what to do with my partner, he's going to be a dangerous medic. He probably would have tried to intubate the guy....anyways, I don't know if I described it very well, but it was good for a laugh the next day....

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Quotable [June 02, 2004 @ 6:12pm]

My paramedic, last night: "When you've been doing this as long as I have, you simplify your trauma reports: 'One road pizza, with pulses, five out.' "

OD in a con home......... [May 26, 2004 @ 3:46pm]

[ mood | surprised ]

The other day we ran an interesting call at a con home. We get dispatched Code 2 to a con home in a not so nice part of LA. (The not so nice part of LA is 90% of the city limits) Anyway, we are to take the patient to an urgent care facility. The c/c was drug abuse evaluation. We respond and get to the facility. The facility greets us at the door and tells us that they caught him with a hypodermic needle and now the pt is kinda altered and acting wierd. I go in to assess the pt and am surprised at what i see. Normally con homes do not surprise me with the kind of calls they give us, but this one did. The pt is non responsive with a BP of 62/40. His pupils are pinpoint and his resps are down to about 8 with an O2 sat of 80%. Got to use an OP for the first time in the last 6 months. If it were not for the fact this patient was about 80 years old, i woulda thought this was a typical heroin OD. We call for ALS. The medics start a line, and give him some narcan. THey must have pushed it quickly because the pt instantly, snaps out of it and becomes alert. I was shocked. A heroin OD in a con home. That was a new one for me. I was wondering has anyone run a call similar to that, or a call that was completely unexpected for a care facility. I guess thats what makes EMS great, you never know what you are gonna see next!

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[May 05, 2004 @ 5:02pm]

Working event medical over the last weekend. The radios we're using pick up other traffic if the squelch isn't set right. One of them was set wrong, and so as a result I suddenly hear something that sounds EXACTLY like the Motorola 800mhz trunking alert tone that we get at work -- you know, DOOP DOOP DOOP. I jumped about five feet in the air, and everyone else thought it was hilarious. It was, of course, nothing.

Anyone else have those wonderful tone-related experiences?
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