Josh Long (firefighterj) wrote in goodstories,
Josh Long

I got my fire cherry popped this morning. I woke up to someone telling me there was a fire with smoke showing.. At first i didnt believe him, then all the pagers started going off.. So I ran over to the firehouse, donned my gear and hopped on the Squirt. Which is 181's ariel water flow device. We Pull up to the scene and there is smoke pouring out of one of the bed room windows. I pack up. Ed, one of the police on location, bust open the door with a sledge hammer. Chad, the chief from 191 runs in with the hose line by himself. The other guy was still putting on his gear, so i grabbed the hoseline and followed it back to the other guy. We go down the hall way, and we see lights on in different bedrooms, then we get to the backroom and bust in the door, Smoke and Flames pour out over our heads. We hit the fire along the roof with an indirect attack and knock it out in under 5 minutes. then i ventalated through a window by spraying the water out. Fort Dix cut a hole in the roof to vent the smoke also and to check for extension. Finally we got the fire corned and find out that thats where the fire was started. I was kneeling doing the venting thing and i felt alot of heat behind me and under my knees, so i stood up and squirted the ground. then someone told me that i had fire burning behind me on a the bed, so i turned and quickly doused it. That was all.. I backed out for the secondary crew to come in and search for more fire. The fire marshall came in, did his investigation and found out that the fire was set in the corner of the back room. Finally the kid that lived there, confessed that he started it.

Man I felt great. Although nervous, The Adreniline was pumping throughout my body and I actually went in. Cant wait till the next one! ( I'm not wishing harm on anyone)
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