The beauty of the beast (sftblqt14) wrote in goodstories,
The beauty of the beast

Something isn't right with this pictuere

12am dispatched 37 year old m not unresponsive, not breathing
arrive on scene ask a few people what was going on where the pt was they say nothing other the downstairs, get downstairs and see the man laying supine arm against a poll, my partner n my cadet still walking downstairs, I check for pulse 0 respirations 0 cold as ice pt had lavidity -obviously dead- my partner comes I just shook my head and pointed to the lavidity lines trying not to say anything out loud 2 soon, he is the crew chief not me. But a family member comes down, we hook up the AED no shock obviously and my crew chief decides that we should do CPR ( understandable because the family was standing there, it was just to make it easier on them so they know something was done, and my cadet needed the practice) However his jaw was already set it, rigor mortis, we had the one of the 5 police officers downstairs remove the family from the room, medics came we looked for track marks, nothing, no signs of anything.

Here comes the fishy part

This 37 year old wasn't alone in the basement, he was with a family member listening to music, this man around the same age sees lets just say john for sake of the story fall, and does nothing so an "hour" after john falls this man finally realizes there is a problem and OMG John isn't breathing and they call 911. ODD, when we got there they were all very calm, also odd, and when they were told the news that this man John had died, the women his aunt or some type of family member cried for all of a 2 minutes and stopped and they other 2 males in the house didn't even flinch, again ODD, so he is dead, ice cold, rigor mortis has set in as well as lavidity lines, and its only been an hour, ok maybe i can believe some of that...... but the cops didn't, so we got to stay and wait till they all left and then a police officer took down all our badge numbers and asked our opinion on what happened. My crew chief said you can't take our word on his time of death or how long he has been dead, we are not medical examiners or doctors we don’t know why he died or exactly how long he as been dead, than the cop tells us how odd it is the family doesn’t' even seem to care, and that this man would wait an hour to call 911, I guess he just likes sitting in the basement with a dead family member, because we all know the dead listen to music
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