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So here's one of the many stories that I've heard on the internship:

BACKGROUND: 1)The city I'm in is, for all intents and purposes, split in two: West and East, with the river being the divider. As such, there are three sargeants on duty per shift: West, East, and overall.
2) The police department has a pursuit policy that basically says the sargeant is supposed to disregard a chase if a) the license plate of the vehicle is known and b) the suspect becomes too reckless and puts the lives of innocent civilians at risk.

So one night, there is a car chase that is the result of a serious crime. This pursuit occurs on the West side, and goes on for a few minutes. The suspect begins to become reckless, but the West side sargeant does not call it off, because the car is stolen and the initial offense is something serious (I want to say murder, but I'm not certain). When no one disregards the chase, The East side sargeant crosses over the river and says, "Disregard, shut er down!"

The West side sargeant gets on the radio, and with his deep voice, very slowly says, "I want that car."

The chase went on.

When the sargeants met, the East side sargeant got a severe ass chewing for crossing over and telling the West side what to do.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Don't fuck with someone else's car chase.

PS B Voight I finally found Ted Getty's office. Now I just have to find Ted Getty.
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