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The beauty of the beast

Can anything happen with this??

Let me first set up the senario, my partner is a part of the e board on my squad, the head of the perdiems (captian if u will)
during a meeting he requested a pain vacation, which my partner disagreed to, becaue he isn't full time and should not be spending the money on his vacation, it is a volunteer squad as is we spend 140,000 a year on perdiems.... since they cory has had a heart out for my partner

My partner and I do the overnight every Monday- the per diem captian now comes in every Tuesday so he can report to the captain anything that is wrong with the rigs and blame it on domanic, just because he is bitter, dumb shit like the streacher wasn't made they way he likes it so on and so fourth

Since than about 2 months ago we make sure everything is perfect when we leave in the morning

now the problem.....

When we left this morning we checked the main o2 and the jump bag o2,my cadet chaged the jump bag o2 so it was full at 2000 psi. The main o2 was at 600, we change it at 500 so we left it, and we left at 8am this morning

5pm this afternoon there was a call man down/cop down an officer was shot in the face and in bad condition, the per-diem captain took ems-1 the rig my partner and and I had until 8am this morning to the scene.

Problem being he claims the o2 was completely empty, there were no non rebreathers in the jump bag, and the portable was low causing him to be frantic looking all over looking for supplies......

I get a call from my lutinent- telling me this is going to be a big issuse, that the per-diem captain told the pd that it was our fault there was no o2 and that we could be liable for anything that happens as a result of the equiptment being astray.

However, when I left this morning everything was in order and the rig was left complete. We dont keep logs, and we dont have paper work for rig checks,but now i am going to make sure to make someone up to put everything down. Other then the word of me my partner and my thrid there is no other proof of the rig condition.My partner and I along with my 3rd all replied the same answer when asekd about last night all replied with the same answers, not knowing the other had been spoken to about the situation, because that is what happened.

The officer is in stable condition as of now and it has been said he will live.

However, we are being blamed for the rig being incomplete when it wasn't.

what can happen with this?
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