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Medic One Hijinx

So there I am, not half an hour ago, walking south down Broadway in Seattle with a couple of (non-EMS) friends. We hear the wailing of a siren, and soon enough a SFD/Medic One unit comes down the street, northwards. This is an actual medic unit with a pair of Seattle's finest highly-trained very-exclusive three-years-of-experience-to-apply only-our-own-training-is-good-enough we-can-do-a-field-pericardiocentesis paramedics aboard, the very creme de la creme of what some call the best EMS system in the country.

They pass us, shut off their siren, and turn right into the blocks east of Broadway. We continue walking south.

Maybe ninety seconds later, the same medic unit comes back out of the blocks and turns back onto Broadway, going south. A moment after that they turn right again, now west of Broadway.

We continue walking.

A few moments later they come out of the blocks again, go south on Broadway, and finally end up turning left to end up east of Broadway.

Twenty minutes later we walked past them and the aid unit, a couple blocks east of Broadway, probably ten or fifteen blocks south of where they'd originally been.

Now, I know everyone screws up mapping, and addresses are bad, and dispatchers mess up too. I'm not placing blame, I'm just saying ... it was funny.
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