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For the past couple of months I've been working with this kid in my medic school. And I never really liked the kid in school, he had never worked BLS, never even seen the inside of an ambulance. But yet he felt that he was smarted than all of us and knew better, actually flipped out and screamed at me one time in class. It was great though because I didn't have to say a word to him, the whole rest of the class jumped on top of him for screaming at me for no good reason. He just kind of flips out and he's annoying and he has this...I don't know what to call it a verbal tick kind of thing. He makes this noise whenever he gets nervous and it's very odd sounding...anyways, that's the background.
So we were on our 23rd hour and it was 2200 and we had spent the day running our asses off and cleaning our truck inside and out, and oh yeah my parents was too good to help me with that...but that's not the point. We take a response for an assault victim. We get there and there's one police officer and our patient standing outside. He looks to be like African American/Hispanic mix male somewhere in his 20s or 30s. But he's fine, he's got some dried blood on his face, not really any obvious injuries, but wants to go to the hospital. So we get him into the back of the truck to figure out what is going on and he tells us that he got hit in the face and consequently hit the back of his head on the wall behind me. No LOC or anything. My partner says he's all set, and I ask, don't you want to board him. He flat out says that he didn't even think about it. No it's not a big deal, but at least in our area, he's definitely someone who should be boarded. So I was annoyed by the fact that I'm still babysitting him and oh yeah the guy has neck pain blah blah blah so we get him boarded and I start driving to the hospital. It's about 2 miles away, very close. My partner gives his entry note to the hospital. All's well, almost time to go home....
I hear my partner talking to the patient explaining that he's going to do a head-to-toe and then suddenly I hear from the back the patient hyperventilating, breathing a million times a minute and basically freakin out, I'm thinking to myself oh great, he's getting upset. I hope I don't offend anyone, but the reason I brought up his race was because in the area I work we have a large hispanic population which has their own category of emotional disorders...everything is over the top. So I don't think much of it, obviously I'm not back there, but I'm not that worried. My partner starts literally flipping out and he screams up to me, Take it on a One! Which is basically drive really fast. Well I already had lights on so whatever...I see him freaking out in the back fumbling around with all kinds of equipment and throwing shit all around. I'm thinking to myself, What the fuck is he doing? I try to ask him what's going on, but he's obviously in his own little world...he finally takes a breath and yells up to me again. Take it on a one! I then see him in the back, we're nearly at the hospital now. And he's gotten out the BVM and set it all up and puts it on the guys face and I hear him screaming. Okay take a breath in when I say so and then let it out. And he's making his verbal tick about every other word and it's just ridiculous. We get to the hospital and I open the doors and he says I just need to put him on some oxygen, I'm not comfortable bringing him in on none. The guy has calmed down some and is crying and I start talking to him and talk him down a little, tell him that he's okay, blah blah blah. My partner is still in flip out mode and is fumbling around and can't get all the oxygen set up, so finally I just say lets go it's fine. He's shocked that I'm okay with the patient not being on oxygen. He's hyperventilating...he's already got enough oxygen in him...But yeah, it was interesting. Anyways so I talked to him afterwards and he said that he was palpating and pressing on the guys hard I have to wonder. The guy said he had been hit in the chest. Anyways, my partner said that he was afraid that the patient had a flail segment and that when he palpated on his chest he dislodged the flail segment and pushed it into his lung and caused a pneumothorax....yeah, don't go to medic school before being a basic kids....I don't even know what to do with my partner, he's going to be a dangerous medic. He probably would have tried to intubate the guy....anyways, I don't know if I described it very well, but it was good for a laugh the next day....
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