maco the odd, (bi-polar and loving/hating it) (maco_the_odd) wrote in goodstories,
maco the odd, (bi-polar and loving/hating it)

In Seattle I am straight EMS, but as a volunteer out where I live I know what is going on on the fire scene as well. Sunday night was fucked up. I have never heard anything like it before (and hope not to again). The Phinney fire (first one on Aug. 1) was the worst. Trucks from as many as 20 departments trying to get the water needed to fight the fire from as few as 2 or 3 hydrants. We were hearing status updates on the radio stating, "Engine 8 is in front of the unit on the far northwest corner. House is fully involved, hose is laid but no water..." They were forced to take a straight defensive role, evacuate the neighborhood, and try to keep the fire contained to the four units that had already gone up. All said 12 fire in just two days, most of which were found to be arson. Click on the "Time Line" in the yellow window half way down the right side.
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