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Oh Happy Day

I just recieved the best news ever today. Ricks mission was cancelled. He was activated with Alpha Company (not his company) and he started SRP today, but after being told that he would spend 18 months in Iraq with and Infantry unit...then after destroying any hope for Rick, they finally said that they got an email and the mission was cancelled. he doesnt know why yet, but his 18 month mission with the riskiest group (infantry) is cancelled. yay. im so happy i can dance....................................................................................................okay im done dancing for now. maybe now my stomach will stop hurting and ill stop getting migranes, i think they may be associated with all this iraq stress.yay. did i mention that im soooo happy right now. this is probably the best bday present mora ever got (for those of you who dont know ricks friend jim was in alpha company and also activated, and mora is jims girlfriend) and today is her bday, it feels like its my birthday too. yay. now rick can for sure help me move back to school, and he'll not have to lose all hope of getting a police job....yay. he just finished the pysch test for chicago and apparently did really well on it. so soon i may be dating a chicago police rookie. everyone wish him luck. yay. i love you baby.
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yah yah i know this isnt a "goodstory" but it was supposed to post in my livejournal but my computer is sucking the big one and now everyone gets to read my personal entry instead of my goodstory. enjoy.
congrats anyway
nice to hear that things are looking up
Way to go. I can erase this one if you want.
ehh, your choice, i dont care its not like a very personal story b/c otherwise i wouldnt have posted it at all.
That's cool!

I have a friend that's up to the psych test for Chicago as well. Let me know how Rick does so I can pass the word to my friend.