p (pharmacogenesis) wrote in goodstories,

Well, okay

It was probably about 4AM, and we get a call dispatched as "Adult Female Unknown." Oh hooray, another unknown.

When something is dispatched as Unknown, it always seems to fall in to two categories. Its either something really weird, and they don't want people to buff it (like, a guy riding his bicycle naked at 2 in the afternoon, which I've had) or something really stupid (like, a yeast infection).

So we arrive at the scene and go inside the house. Inside theres a female, in her mid-20s, sitting on the couch, obviously in tears, holding her head, and rocking back in forth. I'm thinking, "Alright... EDP."

The tech who was running the call asks her whats wrong, and the patient responds, "I was driving with my friends back from a club... and there was this bug... and it flew in my..."

Yeah, she had a bug stuck in her ear.

She walked to the ambulance, got inside, and away we go to the hospital with another dire, life threatening emergency Her mother also came with us (I don't know why she couldn't have driven her daughter, or why her friends didn't drive her in the first place).

We arrive at the hospital and take the patient to triage. We're lowering the stretcher and helping her off, when the triage RN asks us whats wrong with her.

Now most times when its something personal/weird like that, I'll go up to the RN myself and kind of whisper it, as I don't want to embarass the patient and/or make every person in triage suddenly be starring at our patient.

The patient's mother shouts from across triage, "She has a bug in her ear!!!"

I kind of felt bad.
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